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M 113 - VIBRAM


SIZE: 37-48

PRODUCTION METHOD: Adhesive bonding



UPPER: Full grain box leather, hydrophobic (water repellent), thickness 1,6 - 1,8 mm and cordura.

VAMP AND QUARTER LINING: Natural lining leather

IN SOCK: Anatomically shaped with antibacterial properties and natural lining leather over the entire foot

INSOLE: Natural or synthetic materials, thickness 2,0 mm minimum

OUTSOLE: Compact rubber/polyurethane, with cleats, anatomically shaped, Vibram

Rulebook on PPE, Type of PPE: Category II (common); SRPS EN ISO 20347:2013, Type A

Basic and additional requirements: O2 (OB + A + E + WRU) SRC HRO FO

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